Jersey shall we say just like her colors, very black and white! lol! In Jersey's mind it's her way or no way. She has passive aggressive down to a science, and maybe that's why I love her so much, it's great fun to watch this little girl (she's only 6lbs) come up to the bigger cats, so calmly get right in their face, head butt them to say hello, then when they acknowledge her, she takes two more steps forward and makes everyone back off. They just don't know if she's going to heat butt them again or what she'll do next! She sooooo thinks she's in control.
And don't think it ends with just the cats, when she wants love you better give it so her! Even in the middle of the night, she'll jump right on you and if you don't pat her, she'll purr louder , then if that doesn't work she slowly sinks her claws into you until she can wake me up enough to pat her and give her the love she demands!!

Jersey is a great mom, so protective of her babies!! She can have black, black and whites, blue, blue and whites, & seal points. Here are some of her past babies!


Now Fi ,  she's the cat most likely to hide in plain sight, she's never to far, but will sit as still as a statue while to call for her and tear the house apart looking for her. And don't try to pat her unless she's up on the kitty condo, I swear she treats it like her throne and you just are not allowed an audiance with the Queen unless she in it!

She can have all black, blue, red, cream,blue cream, and tortiseshell, seal point, blue point, cream point, flame point, bream cream point and tortie point.


My little Calico Van, I love her flat little face I tell her all the time she's my little "Mon Petite Grubby Face" . Her favorite place is right in my lap whenever I have a chance to sit on the couch, or on my keyboard if I'm trying to type!!

She's only had 1 litter, 2 cute as can be little black and whites!! She can have all the bi colors and calico's.

Don't let her scare you, she's a big girl with handsome features, but she's the sweetest love you could hope to meet!!

She makes the nicest little chubby balls of fluff , and they all have moms big broad shoulders and nice wide face and soooooooo much thick fur!!!

Now I love my Jezzy!!  But have you ever met a cat that her eyes flash green instead of red, lol!!! My camera can sometimes help with red eye but green eye, well no, soooooo I can't get a good picture of my pretty Golden Tabby that can do her justice!!

She loves my oldest son and I know that if he's on the computer that she'll be on the back of his chair purring away!!
Waiting for him to tell her how pretty she is and flip her onto her back and rub her belly, she's such a silly girl, and a great mom!!!     

Miss Mae

Thank you very much Lisa for giving me the cat that was just "too friendly" , I will give you she is a true fruitloop of a cat but I've grown to love her and all her quirks, from the head butting of my morning coffee to her obsession with sleeping in kitchen cabinets, she make me laugh daily.

Miss Mae is a solid white blue eyed and hopefully once Sampson is old enough to have interest, they will have all sorts of great white kittens, but until then Miss Mae has great bi colors , including little color point bicolor's which are just tooooooo cute!!!


My sweet Godiva Creme Brulee Chocolate Kiss the cat that loves to chase super balls and will play fetch with you when the mood strikes her. She is such a good mom and has such pretty babies.

She's an unusual color for a cat, she's a chocolate tortoiseshell and frequently has both chocolate and lilac kittens. Her kittens are know to be VERY FRIENDLY and sweet just like their mom.

Sweet Like Candy!

In this house the overly friendly and quirky rule, Candy is a blue cream point who when you pat your not allowed to stop until she says, she will hook you with her paw and hold tight until you start loving her again, and she will chase you if you try to walk away from her, she will just not take no as an answer.

Candy like to have all the Himmie colors and can have blue eyed whites as well. She recently just had a litter so look for pictures of her babies soon!

This sweet tiny seal and white girl is happiest when she's upside down purring in your lap, she's a total love bug!!

She can have seal, blue, tortie, and blue cream.