My Bad Boy Boo, now where to start with him....Well he's a solid Black Persian and sooooo my baby, but his name really fits him, he can be such a bad boy!!!

In some ways he's more like a dog than a cat, for me he'll come when I call him (unless he's asleep, lol), thinks he should be allowed outside and will spend hours messing with the back door trying to escape, and on those rare occasions he does goes right into the back yard and starts rolling in the grass and eating it, only to puke it up later, so yuck.  He's a very proud boy and takes no funny looks from anybody, don't give him a sideways glance because he'll tell you exactly who is the king of the house !!

One of his favorite activities is hiding in plain sight and he certainly can do it!! He's black so he can be sitting asleep under something and unless he opens his eyes, you just think he's a shadow. And at night he loves to sit right at the top of the stairs. I know he's not trying to trip anybody but he certainly makes it interesting !! Sometimes I think he's the reason we had to put in a second bath upstairs just so somebody doesn't end up getting  hurt!! And Boo will just sit there looking at you like "Hey, what did I do?".