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If you would like a  kitten cost is $500, a deposit of $100 maybe made at anytime before the kitten is ready to go home to hold it, but no kitten shall be held until a deposit is made. Please review  "the small print" on my home page for more info. You may use the deposit buttons on this page if you wish or contact me for mailing information.

If you are interested in getting a kitten from me, please e-mail me at All4pauz@aol.com 

This is Ruby, one of the many reasons why the kittens are so social, she may look cute below
but she can also be like this...don't know who can make the bigger mess sometimes, Ruby or the kids, lol!
Please feel free to email any questions and set up a time to come meet the babies!  All4pauz@aol.com or text 603 264 6005
Now how is this for a stunning little face? This sweet girl is as fun loving and playful as she looks! I love her red little nose, and the coloring on her face makes her just so striking!
And ready October 10th, Trolley has two babies, a cute Blue Point boy and a stunning Blue Cream Point girl, together they just make a stunning pair, and they are always playing together!